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Features of Russian women from the best Russian mail order bride sites

Russian brides gain more popularity in the world of Western men because of their personal traits, seriousness about marrying, and fun approach to living. They are easygoing, love to cook, and are perfectly suitable to make you a happy man, as they know what life coziness is and how to create it. With their amazingly big hearts, they are able to love without the rest, spilling all their love at you alone. Interested? Then let’s have a deeper look at what a Russian mail order bride is.

Is it hard to find a wife?

When you Google that question as you see in the heading (‘Is it hard to find a wife?’), you get about 1.85 billion results. That, my man, is an obvious ground to make a statement: it is hard to find a wife! 

Billions of men on our planet spend years and even decades of their lives just to find someone to love. They try over and over and they fail, have broken hearts, and live alone in disappointment. And for your information – the tendency to get married is lowered every year. In 2017 on average, in the world, there were 5.5 marriages per 1,000 of the population that year (which makes roughly 42,350,000 in the world) but the number was higher for at least 0.5 points (6 marriages) in 1995 and higher in 1970 for at least 2.5 points (8 marriages). Even though these numbers are approximate and vary largely throughout the world, the tendency is obvious. There are many reasons for that and one may speculate and guesstimate. But what we can tell for sure is that females of the developed countries tend to have a lesser desire to get married after the 1970s because they are increasingly providing for their living themselves. 

Also, the divorce rate largely varies between 15% and 55% globally, with 5.5-18 years of an average marriage to last (with over 50% of marriages falling apart during the first three years).

What to do to men who seek love, personal coziness, and have the desire to continue self in children? We have an obvious answer: resort to Russian mail order brides!

Russian mail order brides facts

To know beautiful Russian girls better, you should know facts about them:

  • Beauty. Look around you – how many groomed girls in real life you see? Those who look groomed, pretty, dressed nicely, and have good skin are only in female magazines. Reality makes all man’s desires to crack, as they see untidy fat-skinned fat-haired hoodie-wearing don’t-care-how-I-look females. Taking a look at any Russian brides’ photo, you immediately see a huge difference: they look in real life like models from magazines. They cause the desire to make love with them. They cause the desire to eat sushi from their naked bodies and to see black stockings on their slim legs. And they spend hours to make their beauty keep on running. 
  • Cooking abilities. One of the wide studies shows that about 80% of real Russian brides cook at home every day (with over 95% of them doing so at least once in three days). And by ‘cooking’ we don’t mean ‘making sandwich’ or ‘ordering a pizza’. They do cook – wash, cut, boil, stew, fry… Everything to make your stomach happy. 
  • They are easygoing. “To drop everything to fly to beaches of Vanuatu or to jungles of Vietnam to see thousands of temples? Sure! Where’s my passport? Do I buy a toothbrush before the flight or we just buying everything there?” Here is an example of the reaction of Russian wives to such an offer. How many Western girls are going for that?

What it takes to find a Russian bride? Learn more facts

Below, we are considering more facts about Russian wife, which are of importance to foreign men.

Long-term relationship

A Russian girl is committed to long-term marriage. She was born this way – to hold on to a reliable person and a nice husband. The notions of being a friend, a lover, and a husband are firmly interconnected in her head – that’s just the way how her society sees a perfect life companion. She’s completely into that picture. So worry not if she has called you a friend – in Russia, there is nearly no such thing as ‘friendzone’ or it has a little development, so being called a friend actually can be one step towards her heart.


Looking closely at the database of Russian brides on the site made to make you meet your future spouse, you see how different women in Russia are. They have roots of thousands of old tribes, hundreds of nations, tens of races – they all are fused together thanks to thousands of years of wars, captivities, unease, free and forceful migration, and other things. They may look like Europeans, Asians, Americans, and even Latin Americans sometimes. Pick your type of a Russian woman. 

Good character

Why an average Russian lady is so cherished in the West is because she isn’t trying to be on top of her man in everything. She is simply looking for steadiness, predictability, and nice relations of two equal people. That is something that has died in the feministic world. So she will laugh when it is funny, will eat when tasty, and will have suntan when it’s sunny. Living a true and simple life, enjoying it for real, without having bile in each word or action is what Russian girls do. 


Surely, why would anyone refuse to spend money if he or she had it? If you can afford to go to restaurants, drive Maserati, and spend half of the year on your yacht somewhere in the Mediterranean, your wife would be a super happy person. But if you’re a simple man and looking for a simple Russian dating girl, then wise expenses of the family budget is what every simple Russian girl is taught from early childhood. Marrying one of Russians, you will have your budget spent wiser in everything – from buying foods (for homemade cooking) to switching unnecessary lights off.

Education and language

Russia is the country with one of the highest percentages of literal people: over 95% in both genders. Over 60% of the population has at least 1 master/specialist degree in higher education. Unfortunately, English speakers are only around 10% but this number grows in the younger generation. So even if she is not a fluent speaker, you can use automated translation services to chat textually and, by the time she gets used to living with you in your house, she will be a fairly nice English speaker. 

Why Russian women prevail over other brides?

In addition to what has been said, let’s consider more traits of Russians:

  1. There is a misconception that they’re unfaithful. No more than any other nation in the world (maybe they are even more faithful than hot-blooded Latin Americans).
  2. They are emotional but have nothing of the insanity of Latinas, who can literally take your head off if you offend them.
  3. Very traditional. They desire to have a family, where they are housewives, whilst a man earns money for living. Also, they do not mind making a foot massage to a man after his tiresome working day.

More Russian brides’ facts

  1. They want a dominant man. Yes, feminism hasn’t eaten their brains yet. It’s not to say everyone is humble as people differ but we’re generalizing now. If you are a mollycoddle – don’t even think about getting a Russian wife.
  2. They are classy in sex and everything that’s connected to a man’s attention that they want to receive. You will see sparkles in their eyes more frequently than in the eyes of Westerners.
  3. They are un-ambitious. Yes, it is sometimes translated in laziness and reluctance to do anything but that also means they are not going to overwhelm you, so you are going to stay the head of your family.
  4. They are super romantic. Romance is an important part of their life, no matter what age they’re in.

The difference of mentality of Russian girls

You will hardly see a Russian woman who completely dropped her desire to have a family in her pursuit of a career. In about 30-40 years, every Russian woman wants to have children and family – even though she may still continue working (one thing does not prevent another). They are definitely not as hard-working as Chinese but they know how to combine work and personal life – which most Western women do not.

Pragmatism is a part of their life. They have more rational and grounded thinking than Westerners do – simply because they have to wisely distribute their resources during all their life, with those resources being significantly scarcer than an average Westerner has. So, in the hesitation between buying a new blouse or having a ticket to a movie, she can pick none – simply to save money.

Where to search for Russian women for marriage?

As you know a little bit more now about Russian brides and what they are as people, it is time to discover great places to find them.

Surely, you aren’t going physically to Russia to conduct your searches for a wife – you may never succeed in this (as simply strolling down the streets can bring you nothing, even if you do that for weeks or months). Also, Russia is too big and cold to embrace it all in person. It would be far more rational to spend your time and efforts on online search: there are hundreds of websites to seek profiles of Russian women. But only a few of them are really reliable.

The best dating websites to pay attention to

We have done some preliminary work to filter out all scam sites, ones without too many girls, and the ones, which do not have enough transparent policy. Also, we’ve outlined those filled with gold diggers, ‘females with low social responsibility’ and where administration pays no attention to who registers on them. In a nutshell, the best websites with hot Russian women that we have come up with are:

  3. Russian mail order bride website

Advantages of the listed marriage websites

And here is how we have estimated the websites with Russian women on the list:

  1. Transparency. When you come to any website, you may see that the processes of the registration of males and females differ. They should not – if you want complete transparency and to know that this or that website isn’t filled with bots. If you can register as a man but can’t do it as a Russian bride (or vice versa) but you can see that its database is stuffed with people of another gender, the truthfulness of such a site is zero because it is filled with bots. You will only lose money in the event of that. On the other side, the mentioned websites offer completely the same process for the registration and verification for both genders, with single Russian women sometimes being verified more rigorously simply because there are much more of them desire to get married to a guy from the West than vice versa, so checking the ID of lists of Russian ladies and other stuff is a handy solution to potential issues. 
  2. Online rate. Everyone wants to have a pool of selection, right? It would be a no-good deal if you suddenly face a marriage site with nobody online. The zero online number is only possible in the marriage agency with 100% personification of the search for a match. But the websites we are talking about are not as expensive as personalized matchmakers, and they offer thousands of ladies online, any hour of the day, even during weekends.
  3. Reply rate. More than 9 out of 10 ladies reply to all letters and chats they receive. And about 90%-95% reply rate is a generalization of all replies on the selected websites. In other words, it is nice to know you’re answered, not ignored.
  4. Trustworthiness. We have analyzed what other users write about their experience connected with the desire to find a Russian bride, what administration undertakes to make sure the smooth dating process, and have seen some things on our own to tell you now that all the above-mentioned sites are worthy of your time and attention. The profiles are run by real people, not bots. All conversations are saved in your private cabinet, so in the event, you are stalked or asked for money openly, you can always file a complaint to the help desk so the unwanted profile you encounter with is blocked or suspended. Also, there are many success stories about people meeting by means of these websites for real, which withdraws possible disbelief. 
  5. Ease of use. You should not be a rocket scientist in order to use a site. In every one of those, you will find exceptional ease of use: the interface has everything you need to interact, the profiles of girls are comprehensible, easy-to-understand, and written in a pleasing way, with the right combination of colors, which does not give stress to your eyes even if you are on the site for hours every day. 
  6. Pricing to meet a Russian bride. Most dating sites have a pricing approach based on action taken with each potential Russian bride, not a monthly subscription. This is common because it is logical that you should pay to interact with people who you know for sure are interested in finding someone to marry, not just for a casual fling, for which hundreds of other apps and sites are designed (even free ones). So, if you’re here to skip months or even years of fruitless efforts, payment is something necessary. It will take you something like a couple of hundred dollars per month (with an average rate of interaction with ladies), with a list of specific payments indicated on each site.

Conclusion about legit Russian brides

Finding someone to marry is not an easy task but the Internet will definitely make things easier for you. Skipping unreliable sites and choosing ones, we have given to you, speeds up the outcome even more. And being personally active in your search (with a fair share of luck) makes it possible to find ‘the one’ within weeks or a few months. 

With Russian ladies, who are not spoiled with Western level of life, who look and cook great, and who do not impose endless conditions on what a man should give them, as western feminist women do, will substantially ease up the process of finding a good wife and living with her happily ever after.

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